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Here come the News :

:: Friday December 25th 2009


Here's a little thing for X-mas ! A brand new version of my Fiery Sand Ruins, in Hi-Res
for Mugen 1.0 (ONLY !) with more multiscroll layers for better depth and a few other tweaks.
> check the stages page to download (Fiery Sand Ruins > Hi-res version)

ENJOY! (more things to come during January !)

:: Sunday November 15th 2009

- Madcatz Arcade Stick SE custom

Well, one more news not totally related to mugen but well :D
My little Aracde stick custom... (for the record - Seth Gravijah - is my other nickname)

:: Tuesday October 27th 2009

- A lil' of teasing around my last WIPs, woot!

Well, with Elecbyte's coming back and the release of Mugen 1.0 RC3, things has been boosted a little.
If I don't get screwed with some external things, I may have a few things to release around X-Mas days...

:: Monday August 31th 2009

- Home : You may not see earth the same way

This is a fucking MUST SEE !

(oh and by the way, just for the record, I'm still working on mugen but time is my enemy, so things go pretty slowly :-\ )