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Here come the 2005 News :

:: Tuesday December 20th 2005 - NOT MUGEN RELATED ! :P
- Ahah ! just to say that I was spending most of my free time on Soul Calibur 3.
This game is unbelievable. I have no fucking idea how they did to put so many things
on a single DVD ! Outstanding, awesome, I'm totally in love.
To sum up : buy this game ! buy it ! buy it ! buy it ! buy it ! buy it ! buy it ! buy it ! buy it !

Beside that, I'm still working on my WiPs, even if I don't give many news publically.I lately bothered/bored/annoyed :] some of the best coders I know,to improve my code, I too did lots of tests with my dear photoshop to try to improve
as far as I could the graphical part.
So I hope that next release is going to be as good as I wish. :)

:: Wednesday October 26th 2005
- Here's my first CvS2 pack of edited sparks. This first set is Mai's one.
I scaled her sparks 4x and then worked on them in graphical software,
to get that nice fire effect. CvS2 sprites were originally riped by The Dream Slayer.
Here's a preview : (reach the open source page if you're interested)

:: thursday September 1st 2005
- About Pocket_Chun-li, if you have some issues in training and arcade mode with hypers that launch on their own,
it's just because AI is activated in the config.st
To "fix" that, go to the config.st, and change the AI value from 1 to 0. ;)

:: wednesday August 31th 2005
- After some technical issues with one of my hosts, here it comes, the first public beta of Pocket_Chun-li !
Have a look to the chars page.

:: thursday August 4th 2005
- Updated 3 stages (Temple des coeurs déchus, Black Dahlia Tower & Ashamed Moon Garden) for better compatibility with different mugen

:: tuesday May 31th 2005
- Updated stages page about stages compatibility
- Added the sprite edits page

:: thursday March 17th 2005
- Added 285 sprites of vanessa 2k2 in the open source page

- The 2nd super BG from Rage of the dragons fixeded --;

:: tuesday March 15th 2005
- Link for the 2nd super BG from Rage of the dragons fixed, a bad copy/paste of the file extension >:(

:: thursday March 3rd 2005
- Release of the 2 super BG from Rage of the dragons, in open_source page

:: Monday January 10th 2005
- Alpha version of the new site is functionnal, starting to upload data and stuffs