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Here come the 2005 News :

:: Tuesday December 28th 2004
- Started to convert Pocket_Chun-li from Super_Gem_fighters_Minimix, check the 'Chars' page (soon) to know more

:: Sunday August 8th 2004
- Here it is, the second SSV edited stage :

:: Friday May 27th 2004
- Here is my first SSV edited stage :

- Another one is coming in few days after beta testing.

:: Monday April 12th 2004
- Update of the About me and friends page.
- My edited stage from SSzero will have two file.def with 2 different way to show the water.
- I'm working on a recolorised version of Koga stage from SSIV
- The so difficult stage edit is in stand by
- I've have another SSzero great stage edit/mix idea, but may be one day I'll start on it ! ^^
- For the char edit I had authorisation from the original author but as I still don't know if the release will be official, I won't say more about it.

:: Tuesday March 9th 2004
... I'm sorry, this site is sleeping. But for some reasons, there's no official release :
- My last edited stage is from SSzero so won't be released until many months. It's still a new game.
- I'm working too on a very hard stage edit, it's from an old game but need so much time taht release won't happen soon.
- I've got another Work in Progress which takes me lots of time, it's a char edit. The char isn't mine, and for now it's only a practice. May be one day it will be public-released or private-released or wont, I don't know.

:: Friday January 7th 2004
... Update of the site, a new edited sprite and a big update of the Black Dahlia Tower. Many things have been fixed, thxs of the good remarks of Winane and kindness of BlackJack. :)