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Here come the News :

:: Wednesday December 20th 2006

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:: Monday December 1st 2006

- New stage : Fiery Sands Ruins -

Edited from CFE + more... See details in the "stages page". :D
Enjoy... or not ! :P

:: Tuesday October 31th 2006

- Micromania Games Show 2006 -

This week-end @ Paris, France, took place the 8th Micormania Games Show.
As offering the bigest french videogames show,
the french retailer Micromania made things GREAT :

- 5 days
- 5000 mē
- 300 playable spots (including Wii and PS3)
- exclusive in-games previews
(like the outstanding Gears of War or the already french located FFXII !!)

As showing is more efficient than talking about, let's have a look on a few shots I made :

Now, let's have a look on what got my attention :

# Gears of War

Following the tons of bad things I've thought and said on the X360,
I have now no choice but to redeem myself.
Gears of war wasn't really a game I was tracking.
Oh my ! What a mistake !
Now that I've seen and played (yeah, I have some good relationships :P)
in game contents, I can say :

Gears of War is the first true playable NEXTGEN game !

I have unfortunately no (live) pict from the show to share (as requested by Microsoft)

# Final Fantasy XII

New incredible thing (at least to me :D) SQUARE-ENIX was there !
... and shown to public a playable french located version of FFXII,
whereas it's just been released in U.S. !

Well, I'm not really waiting this game, but that's not what's important here.
No. What I keep in mind is : SQUARE-ENIX is taking more and more Europeans
in consideration, and that's the beginning of an omg victory for all
the SQUARE-ENIX fans.

By the way, a few shots from the show :

# the Wii

Nintendo really tried to make things great fo this 8th 'M.G.Show'
A wide area, in smooth white style, reeeally nice.
A glitch though : not enough playable Zelda spots regarding the hight numbers of fans
rushing after the game ^^.

Whatever, I've been lucky enough to take the 'nunchak' in hands, for a few seconds.
It looks a bit weird at first but really promiseful. Can't wait to test it longer ! :D

Hey, look below, it's mii ! :D

# Zelda : Twilight Princess

Is it really necessary to give any details here ?
I guess everyone interested by this game knows everything that should be known.
Here at the show, we had the chance to watch a lil' gameplay footage,
including the first boss of the game ! :D

A few screens :

# GameOne

Yeah, the so lone videogames french channel was there...
... to work... and not ! :D
By the way, @Tommy, I know you won't watch this web page but anyway, next time you won't escape that easily ! :D :P

# Rayman 4 : Raving rabbits

Not really visible on the shots above, yet you ought to know that UbiSoft
overflew the show with raving rabbit paper masks...
In just one word : Excellent !

The game looks totally crazy, I've laughed during all the exhibition they made.

# French Sweeties

They ARE the true heroines of the show. ;D
... as they have to manage a pack of noisy primitive men (like me :D)
rushing after some stupid hobby (videogames :D)

Let's thanks them for sharing their smile, for their patience (one shall reconize herself lol)
and everything else. :) :) :) :) :)

Well, it was Seth GRAVIJAH a.k.a. Black_Dahlia_Isis from the 8th Micromania Games Show.
My apologies for a (I guess) pretty crappy english style, please forgive. :P
I hope you enjoyed the report. :)

Oh, and... MICROMANIA ROXX ! !
Let's thanx them for such a show in France !

:: Tuesday September 26th 2006

Just to say that I've just added Sunboy to the link page.
I recently realized that it was a master hole in the list. :sugoi:
Because he is (imo) one of the very best "older" creators, now retired.
And now that his work is back online thxs to RS,
I simply couldn't let him out of my link page. ;D ^^

:: Friday August 25th 2006

Here, at last, a public beta of my last WiP : Hono'o no Mai.
Stil many things to add, like sounds, the last hyper move, and as usual final tuning and fixing.
As you may have noticed the char has hi-res effects.
On the gameplay side, you can tune some things your self by opening the config.txt
Thxs to every people who contributed to the char, with media, code, beta test !
Erh... let's check the chars page and enjoy. ^_^

:: Wednesday August 16th 2006

Gasp, I'm a bit late with my release planning, but holidays have been a bit full of work on non mugen related stuff.
Anyway, here come the third (and last, ATM) GGXX edited stage, the Bridget/Dizzy one.
The guys in the wood have been removed for pixellisation sake (=lazyness :D), but light environnemnt is (IMO) better.
Issue is that like most of my upcoming stages, some chars' charging FX make the stage all white for a few ticks.
It's a bit boring, but it's mugen fault ! :P
If you wantto get rid of that, remove the 50 series of BG-Ctrls in the def file, but you'll remove the light FX. ;)

:: Monday July 10th 2006

First please note that I updated the babylone paradoxa stage. I noticed some missing in the def file.
Anyway, here's the second unreleased stage. Still slightly edited from GGXX, Jam's one by night. Most of the job was :
- Animation of the water.
- Addition of the two missing people, including the "running across the screen" one, with better shadows.
- Though, the stage still lacks the flickering lights and smoke/haze from the ovens.

:: Wednesday June 28th 2006

Hehe, well, no more angry non mugen message for today. \o/
(btw I slightly edited one of the previous news where I was a bit unfair with square-enix on some discutable points,
but well... that's not the point of today ^^).

I decided to start releasing all the private stages I did this year as now the related games aren't considered as recent. The first stage I release is a combo of two ones from Guilty Gear XX. Nothing stellar here, just a strange_but_not_unpleasant feeling while playing in it.
You can download it on the (not that)new looking stages pages. ^^ :D
More to come in a few days/weeks...

:: friday June 9th 2006

The PS3 won't be a nextgen console, but a nextgen computer !
Quick quote from Next Generation Interactive Today :

Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Ken Kutaragi goes into detail
about how the PlayStation 3 will be highly configurable, and how it is "clearly a computer."
- link


Errh, SONY, you're kind but I have already a kick ass computer. Yet, I highly wish for some nextgen console. So, if you can't provide one to me, I just have to buy Nintendo's one, right ? (yeah, I'm not that moronic to buy a second supah computer as I already own one)

:: Tuesday May 23th 2006

E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 - E3
Nintendo is on fire / Sony pulled my leg so hard that they tore it off ! >:(
E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 -E3 - E3 - E3

So what's new this year ? Yeah, wii finally saw the first trailers/demo/screens
from Nintendo's new concept console... the named wii.
It's nice to see that this company keep its concept on ENTERTAINMENT.
On that console, my definitive "can't wait this game" is the Super Smash Bros. Brawl,
with its Zero_Suit_Samus :D aaaaaaand... Solid Snake ! Yeah that's an interesting festive program. :D

screens thxs to GameSpot.com, my fav' daily news bringer while E3 events :)

Beside this nice fireworks, bitterness remains the supah star of the E3, especially thxs to sony. Here's a sum up of how crappy they acted recently :
- First, the games :
Last year they shown trailers claiming loudly : "this is realtime playable !" wow, my god, they jumped from PS2 to PS4 ! It's unbelievable Where's the PS3 ? Wow ! Wow ! Wow !
But now, one year later, what remains ?
Haha, a cheap PS2.7 ! Oh wait, not one, not cheap (my bad), but 2 omg expensive PS2.7 ! O_o Haha but that's another story...

Tiny explaination : Here's an exemple with motorstorm. Last year its video has been awarded as the best trailer for 2k5 E3. The developers of the game said it w/o a doubt : this trailer is WYSIWYG ! (what you see is what you'll get)
So, of course, I was very impatient this year to see some gameplay footages...
Well I saw some... The visual quality looks like (regarding the technics used in game : bumpmapping, anisotrop filtering, etc.) my old DOOM3 ! Yeah this very beautiful game... which is about 2 years old now...
So this is it ? The upcoming most powerful console can do what my comp was doing about 2 years ago ?!? HOLLY SHIT !

Fortunately, I've able to saw some gameplay videos with a better quality for in game rendering, the named Heavenly sword, FFXIII, MGS4 and a few others.

screens thxs to GameSpot.com again :)

So OK, the PS3 isn't as powerful as we could have thought following 2k5 E3, but seems to have still some good potential as along as you have time/skills/talents/money etc.
Oh, and btw, anyone has some news from the ass kicker KillZone we saw last year ? Ahahahahah... oh my...

- Second, the hardware :
Last year mister sony said : "Hey look, at the back of the PS3, there are 3 network connectors ! You don't guess why ? Ahah ! Be sure that we'll proove you the interest in this !"
And then this year, oh, funny, there's only 1 connector left ! O_o
Wow, and it's not the only example. It's impressive to see how the hardware features vanished away so easily...
Yet, if less hardware features = lower prices, let's say... why not ! But again that's not the case... 600$ for slimmed version of the PS3 from last year, and 500$ for a very slimmed version. O_o
Mockery ?
And as it's even not enough expensive may be, I have been told that SONY was going to kick away a part of their employees...
All that for a PS2.7 ?
Was it really necessary ?
But men don't worry and cheer up ! Because we can hail a REVOLUTIONnawii new feature in the pad (oh yes I almost forgot to say that they thrown away the past year wireless boomrang to put back the oldish ps2 pad...) !
Indeed, they had the incredible idea to add in a motion sensor ! wow ! Oh my, how can they find so crazy idea !
Oh wait... >:(

So, last words I adress to Mr SONY :

"Mister S., I bought your PlayStation 1, I bought your Play Station 2, but there, you pulled my leg so hardly that there's now only one thing that can bring me to buy your PS3 and it's Final Fantasy.
Mister SquareEnix, if you read this (:D), please hear my prayers and complete a kick ass game, with kick ass story, with a kick ass gameplay system too, and some music masterpieces (Hamauzu doesn't seems to be at his top from what I have heard on the trailer... :?)
Final Fantasy worth perfection on all sides !

- Black_Dahlia_Isis, who want back his leg ! >:(

:: Monday March 6th 2006
- Pocket_Chun-li updated to 80 %

What's new ?
- minor fixes here and there
- AI activation code by Winane updated
- Set more sounds
- Added dizzy state management
- Added heel kick
- Added guard sparks
- Walking vels increased
- Char can now push P2 in running state (no more run cancel), by tweaking a var in Config.txt
- Fixed some hitpauses and hitpausestime (not enough I guess, but it's a start)
- Started to add some "active" AI cmd lines (before she only had some lines that were preventing her from doing dumb actions like launching a short range hyper while P2 is at the opposite of the screen, etc.) Here again it's just a start, don't expect a evilken AI

Anyway, please don't forget to check the config.txt to set the chars as you prefer, enable or disable some stuffs.

Char is still (at least AFAIK) DOS mugen compatible as longs as you set correctly the config.txt file

:: Monday January 18th 2006
- Thxs to very helpful feedbacks at the guild, here's some improvements for the last update :
Patch from 0.75 to 0.76
Link to more details on this update : http://mugenguild.com/forumx/index.php?topic=35355.new#new
If you don't have the 0.75 version, you can directly download the 0.76 one on chars page.

:: Monday January 16th 2006
- I unexpectedly had back interest for Pocket_Chun-li lol this week-end
Added : AI activation code by Winane, some new AI command lines
Updated : kikoushou effects (as seen below), and credit.txt file (Zweifuss was missing in 0_o).

I guess you know where's the download page... ^^